Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Analyzing Conflict

Desire meets Obstruction
Conflict stems when the will of an individual opposes the will of another or in some cases, the will of others. Therefore, identify a conflict illustrated by Toni Morrison in the Bluest Eye. Additionally, share how you believe these conflicts affect the plot.

As you write your essay, remember the following:

Level 4-5 Analysis:
Man vs. Man; Man vs. Nature;
Man vs. Society; Man vs. Self; and
Man vs. Supernatural

Level 6-9 Analysis:
Author's reason and purpose for developing this particular conflict...
How the author reveals the conflict...
The underlying truth revealed through the conflict...
Discussion and critique of all consequences (good or bad)...

Analyzing Point of View

The Narrator...
The point of view of a text affects the credibility as well as the overall impression of the work. Thus, based on your reading, how does the point of view of the Bluest Eye affect the literary work as a whole?

Development of Characterization

Bluest Eye: Characterization
Authors attempt to create charcaters that evoke emotion and represent real people. So far you have been introduced to several characters in the text. Please share your thoughts about the following questions:
1. How do Claudia and Frieda respond to Pecola?
2. How do China, Poland, and Miss. Marie respond to Pecola?
3. Choose a character not listed to expose your thoughts.